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Long hair never goes out of fashion, it’s a fact. And what should I do if nature has not rewarded me with a lush hairstyle? Maybe under the thirst for experimentation or the eternal pursuit of fashion, I just lost all the beauty of my hair. Yes, this is true! It is harder and harder in our world to maintain the beauty and health of hair. Fortunately, modern technologies come to help us, dear fancy ladies. Do you think that in an hour to turn into a queen of a party is not possible?So Tape hair extension can give you a definite answer. Do you want to know how during one day to make hair extension and rock the dancefloor in the evening? I am going to tell you about one more hair extension method, so let’s go!

How it all works:

A special feature of Tape hair extension is the method of applying. This is a cold technique, which provides for the fixing of donor strands with the help of adhesive flat tape in the area of the roots of their own natural hair.Pre-prepared donor strands are evenly allocated on the tape, on one side of which an odorless, colorless, hypoallergenic adhesive is applied. The adhesive side is covered with a protective slick, which is carefully removed before use, without touching the adhesive layer. Gluing place should be carefully prepared for the procedure. So please pay attention: before tape hair extension natural hair should be washed, and the skin should be thoroughly degreased. The glue used has high bonding properties, but the presence of fatty secretions on the scalp can lead to the weakening of the attachment.

how tape is attached

Millionaire beauty brand Extension Tapes are made with polyurethane-based glue. They are thermally soldered for reliability. Polyurethane base of the tapes reinforced with a wig net. It is a unique patent MBB technology, learn more here. This technology is designed to make the attachment points durable, flexible and discreet. Besides, Tape hair extension lets you be in the sauna, at the spa, in the gym because of water and high-temperature resistance.

Tape hair extension care:

Make sure that the hair after extension does not tangle with each other. In order to comb your hair, use a special comb with rare teeth. The procedure of combing starts from the ends of the hair to the roots. Do not brush the strands too often, quite enough three times a day.The adhesive of tapes is resistant to water, but not to chemical compounds, especially on the basis of alcohol. In no case do not allow contact with the hair of such liquids. Use shampoos with a simple composition without additional chemical components. After applying the shampoo carefully rinse it off with plenty of water. Try with a neutral level of acidity. Do not go to bed with wet hair, and do not walk with loose wet hair. Do not brush your wet hair. Allow them to dry naturally, and only then comb, gradually collecting tails. At night, it is recommended to braid long strands in a braid.You can use a hairdryer, tongs, and curlers during styling. Ensure that there is no direct contact between the hot surfaces of the tong or the warm air at the junction points of the strands.You'll have to get used to washing your hair by tilting it back or upright, under a shower. Otherwise, when the head is tilted forward, wet strands under the influence of their own gravity can become detached.

Tape hair extension pros:

1)Preparation of the head for hair extensions and the procedure itself takes 30-40 minutes, which, taking into account the modern rhythm of life is a very important factor.

2)With proper and timely correction, the service life of Tape hair extension is more than one year. Especially, if you have high-quality hair from MBB. Unlike competitors, our hair can be used up to more than 6-7 corrections and more than 420 days. Is not it wonderful!

3)The complete invisibility of adhesive bonding, resulting in hair looks natural. Donor hair, if necessary, is easily and quickly removed. Strands are designed for repeated use.

4)Live hair is not injured. Subject to the rules of correction, they are not adversely affected, which contributes to their growth and the ability to have their own long hair.

5)You can be in the sauna, at the spa, in the gym, because of water and high-temperature resistance.

different colors tapes extension

Correction time:

The Tape hair extension correction includes the following steps:

  1. the stylist with a special spray with a high alcohol content softens the adhesive tape that holds the donor strand;
  2. hair before the procedure of applying new strands are well washed so that there are no traces of glue on the hair;
  3. The old tape is removed and a new one is put in its place. The correction time takes about 1 hour.
your look with tape extension

Dear ladies, if you are still shelving hair extension, keep in mind Tape extensions. After all, it takes very little time. And today or maybe tomorrow, perhaps this Friday you can become the queen of a beach party. I am sure that wavy hair suits not only legendary Gisele Bundchen but suits you too! And very soon your friends with delight will enjoy the sunset reflecting in your new silky hair.

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    Price of 18” and 20”” tape extencion . Precio de 18”” y 20”

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