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girl with hair extensions

Well, you’ve just come out of the salon with hair extensions, you cannot take your eyes off your reflection in the mirror! Your walking became easy, and your hair is flying so beautifully in the wind. You attract all the glances of passersby, do you like this feeling? Do you want this moment to last forever ? Then the article is for you. Regardless of what technology you used to make hair extension, whether it was sew-ins hair, hot fusion or you prefer clip-on hair extensions you should know the basic haircare rules.


When you chose GVA hair, you are already getting 100 quality and protect yourself from “pig in a poke.” It’s because we are not applying any chemicals to change the texture or softness of the hair and saving natural protective cuticle layer that guarantees hair to be smooth and shiny. That’s why you can be sure that even after 20-30 washes your GVA hair will keep the same texture your bought. And our hair does not get tangled up in use, because we always use the hair from one head in one package. To learn more about why GVA hair is today the best buy. Agree with me, that it makes haircare easier and your look is more delightful. But there are mandatory rules in every hair extension care, which we will write below with pleasure. 

Wash hair extensions properly

The first washing of the strands should be carried out two days after the procedure. Hair should be combed to prevent tangling. This process should also be carried out according to the rules, which are written below.

If you’ve been washing your curls in the bathroom, tilting it down – forget, now it is impossible. It will lead to the tangling of hair. In this case, the shower is the best way. For washing, you should choose a special shampoo and balm with a moisturizing effect and pH level - neutral. No moisturizing balms, gels and other means for additional care, not intended for such hair, cannot be used, unless, of course, they are not products from the line, designed specifically for extensions. By the way, the consistency of such products should not be too thick; otherwise, you will have to dilute it with warm water (a small amount). You should not use shampoo for dry hair, this will worsen the appearance of the extensions, and they will begin comb intensively.

Now put a shampoo

The shampoo should be set very carefully, gently, without the use of smearing movements and rubbing. It should be washed off almost immediately. Next, you should put a balm, spreading along the hairline, excluding areas where the strands are fixed and also gently wash out. Rinse your hair with warm water.

Hair Drying

girl with hair extensions dries hair

No rubbing, twisting, "push-ups", jerking, etc. You need to move a towel very softly and gently on straight strands from top to bottom. By the way, the qualitative terry towel ideally absorbs moisture, without damaging the donor's hair.

For extensions, You should use only air-drying if you want to save hair beauty for a long time. Unfortunately, in our active life, it is not always possible to devote so much time to proper hair care. If possible, use the dryer as rarely as you can. If you still can not do without a hair dryer, apply a heat-shielding spray, use only cold air and comb the strands, only after the hair is 95% dried. Always blow-dry down to keep your curls from tangling. For clip-in hair extensions gently blot the moisture with a good towel, lay on a flat surface and let them dry. At night, to avoid tangling of hair, it is recommended to braid in a loose braid.


girl with hair extensions combs hair

  The process of combing hair extensions should be done using a special comb. It should have wide soft teeth without balls on the tips; they can damage or break the joints of natural strands with donor's hair. In specialized departments, you can buy a comb with rare teeth, specially designed for this purpose.  will be perfect. Combing only dry hair is necessary. Combing should begin with the tips, collecting the hair in the tail. Then squeeze the hair under the back of the head and comb through the middle — the last step - combing the roots, which must be done with special care. Remember, your MBB hair loves to be combed three times a day. If you like bouffant and tight hairstyles, you will have to abstain from them while you are wearing hair extensions. 


Coloring extensions strands.

It is possible, of course, to dye the renewed mane of hair. But! The paint should not penetrate into the place of attachment of extension strands to natural. Do not dye your hair at home. Remember that dyeing will make the donor strands stiff and naughty.

  Our luxury hairline could be offered in any color you like. You can contact us via the website or by mail, send a photo and you can stay calm that we will choose exactly your color. With the largest base of colors and shades (more than 5000), from platinum blond to rainbow we can find your MBB hair extensions to make you fly from happiness. Learn more about colors is here. Besides, especially for our customers, we mix two colors to create an even more natural and awesome look. The heterogeneity of color is always interesting, and most importantly-unique.

You can order all this with the help of us, try on it like in a usual boutique and if you have any hesitation return it for free. But we are sure that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with our MBB hair.

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