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Clip in hair extensions

  A wedding, school prom, birthday or any special day you have in your life makes you feel worried. Do you not know what hairstyle or look you will try and get upset because of this? Clip in hair extensions will rescue you in any important day you have. All you need is to try a little near the mirror to wear clip-ins, and here we go! The star of the evening is ready! It is very comfortable, practice and, of course, magnificently. Long voluminous curly hairstyle fits every lady in the world. You can have them for special dates in your life or just the day you want to be beautiful like a real queen. The best clip in hair extensions are made from the real human hair collected from the Russian Federation. This hair is famous for its silky look, thin structure, thick tips and obedient for different styles. They are very smooth by touch and have excellent light reflection.

GVA sells only 100% human hair extensions already more 7 years over 15 countries

  We have much experience in any possible extension. With us, you can buy clip in human hair extension for one time and use them during several years when you need. The strands care is not complicated at all. As clip-ins are made of russian hair, they stay silky and smooth for a long time. All care rules you need to know is to wash them with neutral PH shampoo, dry only with natural air and do not comb before they 100% dry. Put on clips for 30 seconds and be awesome!

GVA clip in real hair extensions - premium quality for loyal prices:

-   a package of clip-ins contains a kit of hair-locks;

-   100 gram total each package;

-   each lock made of 3-4 double weft tresses tightly sewn on a braid with 2 to 3 clips with silicone pads;

-   you can use our extensions more than a three year;

-   our strands won't tangle;

-   we have a lot of hair colors so the look will be very natural and well-balanced;

7-part kits:

-   We're offering 7-part kits, as well as Simlik.

-   Each kit contains seven hair-locks of different width: 2 × 13cm, 2 × 9cm, 1 × 6cm and 2 × 3cm.

2-part kits:

-   We're offering 2-part kits as well as Simlik.

-   Each package contains two 50g hair-locks of a different width: 1×26cm and 1×22cm.

If you are looking for human hair for sale in the USA - choose the best, choose GVA hair

Russian hairs are valued for their beauty, obedience and always attractive look because of the silky structure. With us, you can buy them online in some clicks. Do not hesitate and contact us anyway you like. We will be glad to advise any questions you have. We will help you to choose the right color and the size, extension method or the special sale offer for our favorite customers. Free delivery and free refund within 30 days. Be on top with GVA hair extensions!